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CoCliME Project Partners Press Releases: 2021

16 Apr 2021

Over the last three years, researchers from 12 institutes across seven European countries (Norway, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, France, Spain and Romania) investigated the impacts of ocean climate change on coastal marine ecosystems.

As this project comes to a close, the CoCliME partners would like to take this opportunity to share their project final press releases:

Changes in Harmful Algal Bloom patterns show climate change is evident in Irish waters. 5th March 2021. You can download the pdf here.

Mer algblomning och nya arter av växtplankton i svenska hav. 19th March 2021. pdf here.

Ostreopsis blooms may appear before the summer on Mediterranean beaches and last until autumn. 9th April 2021. pdf here.

Microalgues toxiques et changement climatique : un enjeu écologique majeur pour la santé du littoral. 8th April 2021.